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Software Engineer



Position #: 


About the Role

Required Education, Experience, & Skills :
We are actively seeking candidates with a minimum of 16 years' experience, and a range of skill levels from basic to advanced. Bachelor's or Master’s Degree are preferred in one or more of the disciplines described below where specific skills may include the following…

Software Developer will develop new automation capabilities that utilize infrastructure as code best practices and establishes a continuous integration /continuous delivery pipeline
Responsibilities include (but not limited to):
Create and innovate
Deliver functional requirements and technical solutions by coordinating with product owners, product teams and IT cross functional groups
You will be responsible for designing, developing, testing (automation), deploying and self-documenting working software
Design, code, test and deploy systems
Utilize DevSecOps frameworks and processes to continuously and rapidly deliver requirements
You will manage data sources and data flows across network and domain boundaries using UI design, development using frameworks such as Angular and React
Solve complex and challenging business problems with cutting edge technologies
Produce technical software architectures and components to meet customer requirements

Required Skills, Responsibilities and Experience:

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